The most dangerous snake in the world



The black mamba is considered as the most dangerous snake in the world. Their venom is so deadly that it could kill anything. Only the dangers of its habitat can diminish them. The other species cannot amount to the killing power of the black mamba.

Grows up to 14 feet long and moves up to 12 mph, this killing machine can be found in South Africa. Contrary to its name, the black mamba has a brown and grayish color with a very light colored belly. It got its name from the purple black color of its mouth lining. Its head constitutes a shape of a coffin.

Mostly found in low habitats such as woodlands and savannas, this creature is often active in the day. They come in small groups and are elusive to humans. As soon as they feel a threat, it raises its front body about 3 feet and shakes its head. The attacks can be up to six feet away and as soon as the attack is finished they escape as soon as possible.