The viperfish is a rare deep sea predator



In the deepest parts in the world, it is called home to rare species such as the Viperfish. With the elusive lifestyle of the Viperfish, scientists were not able to record the precise details about the species. Based on an estimate, the Viperfish has the lifespan of up to 30-40 years in their wild environment. Those kept in captivity will have a shorter lifespan – only for a span of hours. Always remember that the time of day can affect the depth in which these species thrive.


During daytime, the Viperfish dwells in the lower depths of up to 9,000 feet in order to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. At night, they can be spotted in shallow waters. When it comes to color, the Viperfish tends to vary since there are some that are silver, green or even black. The distinctive feature of this species is the massive, fang-like teeth that are used to immobilize prey. Due to the largeness of the teeth, they bulge out of the mouth and readily visible. Since they live in deep waters, not a lot is known about their reproduction.