This Anti-Bullying Statement Is a Must-see


There is the classic saying that while sticks and stones may break a few bones, words can never hurt as much. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where that is 100 percent true. Bullying has constantly involved the use of names that belittle someone and have caused plenty of emotional pain.


Those pains can be a lot more effective that people might think as many of us who are the subject of this type of bullying will make the best attempt to let the insulting words roll off of our shoulders. The truth is they leave emotional scars that can eventually lead to physical scars and sometimes the end of a life.


YouTube personality Lauren Brocious decided to take a stand and make a special video to act as a statement against bullies like the ones that she has faced herself – titled #labels. The moral of the video’s story is to discuss the effects of the words said and how those negative labels should not be what defines who we are.


At the beginning of the video, she starts with a clean face before she starts writing on her face; using a black eyeliner pencil. As she writes, she explains that most people are given at least a few labels in our lives. Based on how often we hear them, they start to hold weight in our mind and we start to believe they are true – all while forgetting the person we really are. Those words and negative labels compose the new definition.