Top 10 “Useless” Organs


Have you ever imagined that you could be living with “unnecessary” body parts? Might sound interesting or weird, but it is quite true that some of the organs that we have are of no use. This list showcases the top 10 organs that humans don’t need. In short, these are g=organs that one can live without!

1. Male Nipples


This one sure tops the list. Other than just for some “adornment,” what purpose do male nipples really serve? None.






  1. What a stupid article. we are all here by intelligent design. The appendix stores germs and viruses essential to digestive system. if U cleanse your stomach of these, the stomach uses the ones from the appendix to reboot the system if you will. The other nine organs have uses as well, or they would not be there. Since when are teeth considered organs? More proof of the authors ignorance, stupidity or perhaps both.

    • Completely agree, 1. Adenoids have Immune system functions 2.goosebumps help to increase temperature of underlying muscles in prep for flight/fight/freeze response 3.male nipples make sense more interesting for both genders 4. Body hair (all external hair for that matter) provides warmth protection and is a “mechanoreceptor” ie it facilitates our sense of touch and allows us to more accurately determine Cool things like wind direction 5.Sinuses help moisten air so you breath in a safe and effective manner and give you the ability to speak without sounding like you have down syndrome..the coccyx is an anchor point for various muscles and ligaments that contribute to your pelvic stability,if they are .damaged it

      • Will seriously hinder your ability to support your spine and will have a hard time keeping your anus closed /controlling the flow of urine :)): the Author is welcome to attempt to prove me wrong..

      • Too bad the intelligent designer didn’t share some of that intelligence with us. This is ad-bait, if you looked through all 10 pages, you fell for it.

    • Agreed the acrticle and its rationale is somewhat illogical, but you are the stupid one if you really believe in “intelligent design”. Your description of the digestive system is completely absurd. We are dependent on a microbiological of a balanced digestive system, but this does not get rebooted from the appendix. On the contrary if the appendix gets infected it can kill you. Some reboot!

      • Others here already pointed out the usefulness of many things on this list, but seriously come here and start picking a bone with one for believing in intelligent design and calling them stupid for it; that is stupid, if anything. I’m not for or against intelligent design, who the hell knows if there was or wasn’t a ‘god’ – or a fucking alien race for that matter – that placed us here to evolve further as time went by. For you to come here and start calling someone stupid for not agreeing with your belief in how things went down eons ago makes you by far dumber than anyone else in this thread; arrogance where there is no basis for it, is delusional and damaging. Or do you know something the rest of humanity doesn’t about what kicked off evolution/adaptation? If you don’t have a magic 8-ball to peer millions of years back in time with, please share your theories, but refrain from berating people’s mental facilities when you’re not in authority to do so. ‘S all, let’s try keeping it mature, allright?

      • Rejecting intelligent design is equivalent to believing that two very similar flexible super nanotechnology comupters with free will (that 7 billion people still can’t replicate today) magically appeared out of wind, water and dust.

        One with a hole that gets wet and one with a bone that gets hard.

        And somehow they came pre-wired with the desire to fornicate to make baby supercomputers that repair themselves by chewing on their surroundings and resting.

        Aside from it being highly improbable and statistically impossible, the fact that two of them would have to pop up in the same century for them to replicate should have your B.S. meter alarming you… but it ain’t cuz you read textbooks in school that would have you believe you are nothing more than an unconscious accidental machine so that you wouldn’t question the status quo, give away your hard earned work income and stay within society’s politically correct bounds of self-induced slave conduct so that you would peacefully stand in line to get permits and licenses for the privilege to exercise your inalienable rights.

    • @harry montaq
      “Since when are teeth considered organs?”
      Since the advent of medical science, I.e. since always. Teeth have always been classified as organs as they have always fit the criteria for what is necessary to be deemed an organ (A set of differing tissues working in unison to achieve a function).

      You are a fool.

  2. Since when did hair, teeth, bones, etc. become organs? Many of these body parts are very functional. Whoever wrote this needs to spend less time writing idiotic articles and more time repeating 5th grade science.

  3. Male nipples & breasts actually have a function. If men could be bothered, then they could suckle a new born baby and breast feed it. But men also got the lazy “organ” and hence can’t be bothered.

    • Yeah, men got the lazy organ. That’s why the vast majority of discoveries and inventions have come from males. That’s why they work 40, 50, 60 hours a week to provide for their families. That’s why every dirty and/or strenuous job in the home somehow falls to the male. Men make more than women because, in general, men do more of the work. Women take far more days off than men. “Oh, I have a cramp, I can’t come into work today.” Remember when we heard that women can do anything a man can do…..until they actually tried and then they whined for special rules because they were women?

  4. I had lost a molar due to an abcess, and my wisdom tooth came in to replace it almost immediately… Wasn’t useless at all! My body was even intelligent enough to not make my other 3 wisdom teeth grow in when the other one did… My body is saving those for a special occasion 😀 Also the plica semilunaris is more important than you think when it comes to keeping contaminants out and to increase the rotation range of your eyeball….
    If a person removed all of the body parts in which the author has deemed useless, your body would become infected with all sorts of yucky bacteria within a matter of months… See you in the hospital when you’re done butchering yourself author! I’ll be there to say I told you so

  5. Given that nipples have nerve endings that go to the pleasure centers of the brain, maybe male nipples serve the purpose of letting a man know that holding his baby is a behavior that should be repeated, and thus rewarded by feel-good chemicals.

    Cuz when you hold your baby, the baby rubs up against your chest and nipple(s), and nipples are considered erogenous zones in males too. So yes they could be an important factor in forming a loving bond with your child so instead of beating him, you hold him when he cries, even though he’s a little nerve-wracking attention whore dependent wife-stressing buzz kill, cuz thanks to the nipples, that’s love