Touring North Korea



North Korea might be considered as one of the strictest and secluded country in the world. Most travelers might not include this country on their list of must see countries in the world. But behind its tough exterior comes a history filled country that everyone should consider touring.

The negative connotation with the country might be derived from the way they present themselves in terms of clothes and attitude.  Although the country appeals to be an intriguing destination, a traveler must be keen in its surroundings.  Most of the time, tourists question the authenticity of the people who are walking around the trains or business areas.  Some also presume that those are hired actors just to give out an authentic feel of the city or country.

Touring North Korea is not considered as dangerous or what not, this poses as a potential to open the minds of the public to the culture and lifestyle of the people residing there. Tourist must keep an open mind and always be alert when touring North Korea.